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DIY Lash Tray - Bardot


The Bardot set is a stunning look for those who love a mix of thick, wispy, wet, dark lash lines. The lash fibres are incredibly soft & lightweight. The lash tray includes 30 cluster lashes - bonder and sealant sold separately or in a Kit.

  • 10 minute application
  • 5-7+ days of wear
  • Each lash tray will provide 2-3 sets 
  • Reusable- each lash tray can be reused 5+ times when cleaned with isocol & lash/hair shampoo
  • Lightweight, flexible lash band for a natural look and no damage to the natural lashes.
  • Comfortable wear all day/night long
  • Cruelty free
  • Use 4-6 clusters per eye
  • Versatile mapping, you will receive a mapping guide in the bundle
  • Remove the lashes after 5-7 days and reapply for sanitary purposes 
  • Watch our application video tutorial below or on our Instagram @diylashhoneyau